Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Grandpa Dan

It's funny.  Even though I knew that at some point one, or all of my kids, would become parents themselves, I didn't really consider the fact that I would some day be known as Grandpa.  I don't know if it was a blow to my ego, with my continual effort to look and stay young, but the idea of being called "Grandpa" kind of scared me.  After all, just months before taking on this role I started a new relationship with someone several years younger than me.  Well, okay, maybe more than several years younger than me. 

Can you be sexy and be a Grandpa? 

My only image of being a grandpa is well, my my own father.  I look at him and realize, well, he's old! Or older.  Not a nice thing to say, but it's true.  For months I have worked hard at keeping up with Abel.  I want to look my best.  I don't want people walking by us down the street and think that I'm some kind of sugar daddy.  I die my hair, and most people say it takes 10 years off my age.  Well, that's what my hairdresser says, and I give him a rather sizable tip.  I put moisturizer on my lightly botox touched up face.  And I look youthful.  I went out and bought all new form fitting boxer briefs, because you have to look sexy getting in and out of your clothes!  Hey, why is there not an equivalent for men of women's granny panties?  If there is then I certainly don't want to be caught in those.  And as I strut about the bedroom without my shirt on, you can bet that I am using all my strength to suck in my ever growing gut.  Just don't ask me to talk, as I can't seem to talk and look fit at the same time.

All this to say that I had my trepidations about being a new grandpa.  How do I combine these two new roles; boyfriend and grandpa?  How do I balance these two new relationships, with my boyfriend Abel and my new grandson Kenyon? I think I needed some kind of sign that it would all work itself out, and that I would be able to strike that balance with the two new guys in my life.  Well, the gods spoke, the heaven's intervened, the cosmos and stars came into alignment, because my grand baby was born on Abel's birthday.  I ended up celebrating the birth day of baby Kenyon and the first of hopefully many birthday celebrations with Abel.


So, what's it like being a grandpa?  Wonderful.  It is the most loving and easy relationship I could have imagined.  I love him so much.  Everything he does is precious.  Every little look, sound and noise makes me smile. I love holding him, feeding him, changing him, and handing him off to his parents when he gets a bit too cranky.  It's such a great role that I get to play.  Being that the new little family reside in my home, I get to walk into the house everyday after work and lift that beautiful baby close to my heart. 

I breathe him in. 

He smells like new life!

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